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Illinois Tool Works is a leading global diversified manufacturer with over 100 years of history. We design and produce a wide array of engineered and various products for customers throughout the world.

We employ approximately 50,000 men and women who create the value-added products and innovative solutions on which our customers rely. Our 85 divisions that span 56 countries provide employees with a wide range of career paths, including manufacturing and operations, product development, marketing and sales, engineering, finance, human resources, and more.

We are always seeking for new talent. At the end of the day, it's our people and their know-how, commitment, drive and ingenuity that create customer satisfaction and fuel our growth around the world. As an organization, we are focused on identifying and developing promising talent at every level of the organization. 

At ITW, our solid reputation is built on over a century of providing exceptional products and service to our customers, fostering fulfilling careers for our employees, and generating solid returns for our shareholders.

Despite our size, we operate as a flat organization and our business units function in a decentralized, autonomous manner. This structure creates an entrepreneurial environment, where contributions are valued and encouraged. Our culture is based on treating individuals with dignity and respect, encouraging open communications and trust, fairness and equity, and encouraging employees to find an effective work-life balance. We value diversity and provide an exclusive environment where everyone is encouraged to participate. 

Employees are given opportunities for growth and development throughout the organization. The size and scope of our company results in outstanding internal advancement possibilities for employees eager to contribute their talents and expand their careers.

We provide competitive salaries and benefits packages to employees. Recognition, rewards and incentives are used to encourage exceptional contributions.

Why ITW?

If the idea of working for a division of a Fortune 500 company with customers within the appliance industry, automotive industry, and furniture industry is enticing to you, then ITW Motion is the company you want to work for. We, at ITW Motion, are fascinated with plastics engineering, injection molding, new innovations, and the automated and semi-automated assembly processes, while maintaining the highest level of quality standards. 

With over 100 years of experience, our group of companies is one of the world’s best to work with. Globally, ITW comprises approx. 825 locally based business units with, in excess of, 50,000 employees located in 56 countries.

New innovation takes center stage at ITW Motion, as underlined by our large number of patents. The 120 employees located at the Röttingen site, together with the 50 employees located at the Frankfort site, represent ITW’s desire for progressive advancement in the plastics field.

Are you looking to discover something new and realize your dreams? Do you want to work in an exciting career, for a globally recognized company? Then shape your future at a company offering a broad diversity of opportunities throughout the world. At ITW, you will have chance to grow as an individual, strengthen your leadership skills, and develop into the professional you want to be.

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Great importance is attributed by ITW to the apprenticeship training of its own qualified trainees. 

Excellent, in-house, training opportunities are very important to us. 

We offer the following apprenticed professions:
• Business management assistant (apprenticeship duration 3 years)
• Mechatronic engineer (apprenticeship duration 3 ½ years)
• Tool engineering technician (apprenticeship duration 3 ½ years)
• Process engineer for plastics and rubber with specialization in molded part                                         (apprenticeship duration 3 years) 

The opportunity for an interesting, multifaceted position waits following successful conclusion of your vocational training. 

Our aim is to take on the experts trained in-house. 

Please contact us if you have any questions on training or apprenticeships. All necessary information is available under Contact. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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